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The Fitness Guide

What You Should Know About BHT


BHT is the acronym for a fat soluble synthetic compound called butyl hydroxytoluene. It is currently widely used for the preservation of food as well as cosmetics, the primary objective of which is to slow down the process of autoxidation in various ingredients in the food or cosmetic product. The autoxidation rate of ingredients meanwhile is the reason why food for instance will have a change in its color or even the taste.


Aside from food and cosmetics, it also is widely used in other industries, including that of rubber production, petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, and even jet fuels.


But as recently as last year, negative feedback and opinion about BHT started surfacing, majority of which aired concern about its effect to health and fitness in people consuming food that contain it. Accordingly, even though BHT is labeled as generally safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there are multiple claims that it is in fact a common additive found in breakfast cereals that can potentially be harmful to one's health. The reason why it is added to food is because it is quite effective in preventing oxidative rancidity, which in turn corresponds to the destruction of fatty acids and vitamins, and most notably the degradation of flavor.


Several studies conducted by the European Food Safety Authority showed that when rats are fed with BHT, they tend to develop liver and lung tumors. Not only that, the same compound also has a direct relation to having developmental effects, more particularly thyroid changes in many animals, all of which are notably alarming considering that many of us eat cereals as part of the daily routine. For more details about health and fitness, visit


Ever since BHT was integrated in our food, it always has been bothered by the accusations of it being a cause of popcorn cancer. Yes, there are numerous studies seemingly suggesting that there's a serious toxic impact on the lungs, kidney, and liver of animals. But will it be similar to humans?


It also is worthy of mention that BHT is described as a form of antioxidant, which is why it is very popular as an ingredient in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Although there have been a lot of bad things said about BHT, they all don't deny the fact that it is effective, at least in the ways it is used specifically. However, since many breakfast cereal manufacturers are already slowly getting rid of it in their products, the impression that it indeed causes harm will continue to rise, click for more info!